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4-Apr-2013 | Canada pins hope on foreign studentsCANADA: The number of college and university students studying internationally has grown more than fourfold since 1975 — and Canada wants a larger share of that market. Read more...


4-Apr-2013 | Chinese alumni 'contribute $100m' AUSTRALIA: CHINESE alumni of Australian universities continue to bolster the local economy years after graduation, with the majority returning at least once and 20 per cent coming back more than five times over a five-year period. Read more...


30-Mar-2013 | Why Asian Kids Succeed NEW ZEALAND: Have you ever wondered why Asians kids are doing so well in maths and science at schools? Read more...

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Banking and currency

New Zealand money is in dollars and cents. There is a bank branch, or at least an automatic teller machine (ATM), on nearly every tertiary campus. All banks offer phone and Internet banking.


Opening a bank account

If you're staying more than a few months it's worth opening your own bank account. Some banks let you open an account before you arrive in New Zealand. Banks don't usually lend money to international students.  Your institution support staff will be able to help you.


Bank fees

There’s usually a fee for every transaction, including EFTPOS. Make sure you get advice from your bank about which account and fee structure will be best for you. Most banks offer special packages for full-time students.


Foreign currency

You can bring as much foreign currency as you like into New Zealand, but if it’s more than NZ$10,000 you need to declare it to Customs. Most overseas currencies are easily exchanged at New Zealand banks. Check out the latest exchange rates.


If you lose your wallet

Contact your bank immediately and cancel credit and EFTPOS cards. Also let the police know as sometimes lost property is handed in to them. It's a good idea to keep a separate list of the cards in your wallet





Note: The above information taken from is current at the time it was sourced in October 2010. While all attempts will be made to ensure this information is up to date no guarantee can be given that the information will be current at the time it is viewed. Please visit in order to confirm the information is current or contact us to receive information and assistance relating to study abroad in New Zealand.