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Hobart & Tasmania (TAS)

Tasmania's population is concentrated on the north and southeast coasts, where the undulating countryside is rich and fertile and the coast is accessible and inviting. By contrast, the southwest and west coasts are wild and remote. For much of the year, large seas pound the west coast and rainfall is high. Inland, the rich forests and mountains of Tasmania's west and southwest form one of the world's last great wilderness areas, almost all of it a World Heritage-listed region.

Tasmania (and Hobart) has four distinct seasons, although storms can bring wintry conditions at any time of year. In summer the days are generally warm rather than hot, while the nights are mild. Conditions are usually good up until March, when temperatures drop. The rest of autumn is generally characterised by cool, sunny days and occasional frosty nights. Winter is wet, cold and stormy, particularly in the west. Snow lies on the higher peaks but is usually only deep enough for the state's two ski resorts to operate occasionally. Spring is windy and storms still sweep the island, but in between the sun shines and gradually warmth returns.

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Universities in Hobart & Tasmania

Below is a list of universities and Australian Educational Institutions offering degree and higher education courses in Tasmania and Hobart Australia. For details of specific courses and for advice on the most suitble course and institution for you contact us today.


  • University of Tasmania (UTas)
  • Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies































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