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uk international student accommodation


'There are a number of international student accommodation options you can choose for UK study. We’ve put together some useful tips to help you make up your mind. '

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There are two main choices for international student accommodation – halls of residence or private flats and houses. Your options depend on your UK study choice and the institution you apply to, but here are some things to consider in choosing a great place to live:

  • How close is the accommodation to your place of study?
  • Are there good public transport links?
  • Is it close to shops and facilities?
  • How big is your room?
  • Will you have enough quiet and privacy for study
  • University/college owned international student accommodation

    Most UK institutions provide accommodation for international students. This will either be a room in halls of residence (either full-board or self-catering) or a self-catering shared house or flat. If you want to stay in university/college owned accommodation you should apply as soon as you are accepted on your course.

    Remember that it’s always a good idea to arrange accommodation before you travel to the UK. If you can’t, speak to the accommodation office at your place of study when you arrive.

    Private accommodation for UK international students

    You can make the most of your independence as an international student by renting private accommodation. The most usual type is a room in a house or flat shared with other students. It’s a good idea to agree how to split bills beforehand and you’ll do your own cooking and cleaning.

    It’s a good idea to ask for advice from your institution’s accommodation or welfare officer before you sign any contracts for private accommodation.

    Lodging with a UK family in their own home is another option. You will usually need to abide by their house rules, but it’s a great opportunity to experience UK culture first-hand.

    For more detailed information on international student accommodation options and advice visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website.

    UK accommodation for international English language students

    If you’re studying English in the UK, your English language centre can help you arrange accommodation. The choices available will depend on where you study: it may be halls of residence or a hostel, or lodging with a UK family. Living with a UK family is the most common option and will give you the opportunity to practise English in a supportive environment.

    Independent school accommodation in the UK

    If you are planning to study at a UK independent college or school, you will most likely be offered boarding at that institution. Independent boarding schools offer a relaxed, home-like atmosphere. Pupils stay in bedrooms or dormitories on the school site, living under the same roof as residential house staff and their families.

    Find out more about studying at a UK independent boarding school.  



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